• Comprehensive adult primary care and preventative services
  • Well-child exams and immunization
  • Minor emergencies including cuts & sprains
  • Cough, cold symptoms, influenza, and stomach illness
  • Testing for strep throat, mono, pneumonia, urinary infections
  • Sports physical
  • Laboratory services
  • On-site EKG
  • Pregnancy testing

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Chronic Pain Neuropathy


Preventative Services: Wellness Visits

Why do we have wellness visits??  

Access Solutions Medical Group wants to get in front of your health, make a plan for a healthy lifestyle and reduce the chance of chronic disease in all ages of the patient. Most insurance companies will cover your wellness visit at no cost to you. First, we will perform an aggressive and comprehensive assessment of your health risks. During this visit we will perform age appropriate immunizations, screenings, imaging and lab work based on your medical history. Your healthcare team will ask you many different questions to help your provider obtain data from different factors of your life. Your provider will then pull this information together to see potential risks and outcomes. This assessment along with a physical exam will guide us in the prevention, intervention and wellness of each of our patients. We will discuss with you your current and potential health and help you prioritize your wellness efforts. Secondly, we will empower you with the education and tools you will need to be successful. Together, we will formulate an individualized plan that is manageable for you. Lastly, we will support you on your healthcare journey. Often, your wellness visit will uncover issues you or your provider were unaware of. This will result in additional appointments to be set up to further assess and evaluate the condition.  Access Solutions Medical Group has flexible scheduling and same-day appointments to be available when you need us.

Children– Access Solutions Medical Group sees patients starting at birth. We pride ourselves in not only taking care of the child’s health but also taking care of the caregivers. We know that if “Mama isn’t happy…nobody is happy”. Educating the caregiver means helping baby grow into a happy and healthy adult. We start by educating the parents on best parenting practices, what to look for in their growing child, when to seek medical attention and safety during the many ages and stages. During the periodic well check ups the caregiver is encouraged to ask as many questions as they can.  At Access Solutions Medical Group we follow the recommended guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Although, the guidelines are a good starting point we also know that each child is special and different in their own way. We are here to help ease the rapid transition from birth through the childhood and teenage years. During this visit your healthcare team will administer age appropriate immunizations, sensory screenings, development and behavioral assessment and a full physical exam.


Young Adults– While many young adults feel they maybe healthy, vibrant and sometimes invincible… We believe that they should still have annual health checkups. This process will continue the education of preventative health. Many young adults have a hard time transitioning into adulthood. This age group is accompanied by higher rates of mortality and greater engagement in health-damaging behaviors. The providers at Access Solutions Medical Group know that inadequate sleep hygiene, massive amounts of stress, unhealthy eating habits, poor exercise, substance abuse, depression and anxiety are all leading causes of future chronic illness. Without altering the course, the success of future health is in jeopardy. We believe that if we have a judge-free relationship with our patients they will feel more secure in confiding in us, therefore, have a greater chance of success.

During the young adult annual wellness visit the patient is encouraged to discuss topics that range from their stress levels, occupational hazards, alcohol consumption, illicit drug use, sleep hygiene, nutrition and more. This visit will help keep the young adults stay on track for a healthy future. Screenings may be performed to check mental health, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and if indicated blood work will be ordered to check many different health markers based on past medical history and family history.  Again, Access Solutions Medical Group wants to stay in front of your health. We want to see what is going on, make a plan and follow up to ensure the plan is working. The patients at Access Solutions Medical group are encouraged and educated to take an active role in their healthcare. This is done by having annual wellness visits where the patient can feel secure in being honest and open with their medical team and to formulate an individualized plan that the patient feels is manageable. If this process is followed we believe this will achieve the best outcomes.


Adulthood The 30’s and 40’s can be exciting years. This is when adulthood happens!!! Many people are securing their position in the world. Making strides at work, buying your first home, starting a family and saving for retirement all happen in your ADULT years!! This sounds like a lot… because a lot happens in these years. At Access Solutions Medical Group we want to help our patients lay the best foundation possible. The stress of work and trying to get ahead can be burdensome, not only on your physical health but your mental health too. Many young families begin in this age range. A family can be an exciting time in your life! It can also be stressful and exhausting. A lack of personal health can make you more prone to health risk. Getting preventive care is one of the most important steps you can take to manage your health. That’s because when a condition is diagnosed early, it is usually easier to treat. And regular checkups can help you and your doctor identify lifestyle changes you can make to avoid certain conditions. If you tend to see your doctor only when you’re sick, you may be short changing your health. Annual wellness visits can help spot potential problems before they get serious. Plus, it’s important to keep track of key measurements over time. If you’re one of the 144 million Americans living with one or more chronic conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, or depression, the providers at Access Solutions Medical Group will create a custom check-up schedule with you. We will customize your plan to fit you and your life!


Golden Years You’re in your 50s. It’s the prime of your life — or it should be. Don’t let illness rob you of your health. If you have been a patient at Access Solutions Medical Group you know that our goal is to keep you on track for this amazing time of your life!! routine annual wellness visits and preventative screenings. These are the years you have worked so hard for. Your kids are growing up, your at the top of your game at work and you have a little extra time to do the things that make you happy. Spending extra time with your family, a special hobby, evenings out with your significant other, traveling….doesn’t this sound amazing?? At Access Solutions Medical Group we want this to be your reality. We want to make sure your health is leading the way, not slowing you down. Things your provider may discuss with you during these years are: protecting your vision, avoiding muscle loss, making your home safe and getting additional screenings done. During your annual wellness visit you and your provider will discuss all areas of your life and how they all have an impact on your health. It is our hope that we can work together to formulate a health plan to achieve optimum health. At Access Solutions Medical Group it is our goal to have flexible scheduling and same day appointments. This is to ensure that your healthcare does not get in the way of your Golden Years!!

65+– Well you made it!! Congratulations!! Now that you are ready for your retirement to kick in let’s make sure your health is ready too!! This can be a time of some concern and worry. Your vibrant and invincible 20 year old self is feeling…. maybe a bit like slow motion. Through regular wellness visits and a comprehensive plan you can gain back some of that spunk you once had. During your annual wellness visit you will discuss with your healthcare team the concerns you have going into these years. Your provider will perform a comprehensive assessment of your health and potential risks. Order necessary referrals to specialist, review blood work, medications and perform additional screenings. Together, you will use the data to formulate a manageable and personalized plan for your healthcare needs. Your provider may encourage you to sign up for the chronic care management program. Managing chronic diseases can be made easier with the support of our chronic care management team. Once you have signed up for the Chronic Care Management program your provider will engage the CCM team and provide them with your personalized health plan and request they touch base with you, at least monthly, to check on your progress, concerns, open referrals, medication concerns and anything else that you may need. The guidance and support you will get from your team will be an invaluable tool in your management of your chronic diseases. At Access Solutions Medical Group we have an “all hands on deck” attitude. You do not just have a doctor, you have a TEAM!!